Photographic Techniques

Digital Pinhole Camera

  • A pinhole camera is basically a camera obsura.


  • Camera = vaulted room, obscura = dark, camera + obscura = dark vaulted room.


  • It consisted of a small hole on one side of the room and projects an upside down image of the surroundings as the light passes through the hole. Funnily enough, the colour was still intact.

How the obscura works


  • As well being able to project the image, this allowed for the user to put a piece of paper on the other side and trace the image, which artist took advantage of. Things traced varied from buildings and trees to animals.


  • Obviously with the major benefits at the time came major issues such as sharpness of the image created as the size and smoothness of the hole was an issue. Also, there isn’t really a len choice as the hole is at a fixed aperture and the exposure had to be guessed due to the camera obscura not being about in camera preview at the time.

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